Successful Students

Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a box below… and be inspired. If you have a story or a comment about how Communities In Schools made a difference in your life, please share it with us.

Tiara Finds Support

Tiara was often absent. She ended up in court for truancy and was falling behind in her classes. The site coordinator at her school discovered that she was battling homelessness, and helped her get back on track.

Kaitlin Advances

Kaitlin was an eighth grader who had been retained from the previous year. Kaitlin was often chronically late or absent and as a result, she was failing all her classes...

Ava Overcomes Barriers

"Ava" is an endearing young woman who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to graduate from Rainier Beach High School.

Selene Engages in School

Selene was new to her middle school in 8th grade. She had started acting out at school in early winter, getting sent out of classes by her teachers...

Khin Gets Healthy

Khin was disengaged at school and didn't seem to listen to his teachers. His teacher referred him to the site coordinator, who realized Khin had a hidden health problem preventing him from being successful.
two kids with mentor
Group of high school students sitting on steps
two kids in new coats
girl with male mentor