Communities In Schools of Seattle has site coordinators in nine Seattle Public Schools who support students through a combination of targeted case management and schoolwide services.

The site coordinators link students to a variety of activities and resources. These may include: tutoring and homework assistance, mentoring, high risk behavior intervention or prevention, college application assistance, basic needs, family support and much more. The site coordinators bring resources into the schools through a comprehensive network of support that includes teachers and school personnel, community members, volunteers, organizations, religious groups, local businesses and corporations.

Comprehensive Support at South Lake & West Seattle High Schools, Denny, Aki Kurose & Madison Middle Schools, South Shore K-8, Highland Park, Van Asselt & Dearborn Elementary Schools.

The students served by Communities In Schools of Seattle encounter multiple challenges in their homes that affect their ability to be academically-focused and successful. They might come to school just having been evicted from their apartment, spending the night at a friend’s house while their parent was out selling drugs, or perhaps struggling to do their homework because their parents do not speak English. Students come to school hungry, tired, late, poorly clothed, or with emotional issues that then impede their ability to learn and be successful in school.

Because of these challenges, students often struggle academically, fall far behind their peers, fail classes, or become in danger of failing to graduate. That is when the comprehensive support at these 8 schools makes such an impact on these students.

A site coordinator works at each individual school to support the most vulnerable students and the school as a whole. The coordinator aligns community resources to provide intensive one-on-one support to students and families facing crisis situations such as homelessness, extreme poverty, an inability to meet basic needs, and trauma in the home, as well as academic and behavioral challenges with the student in the school.

These challenges are addressed through a variety of activities that include mentoring, tutoring, career and college planning, self-esteem workshops, violence prevention workshops, support groups, arts programs, comprehensive resources/referral for families and so much more. For the school as a whole, the coordinators develop college fairs, attendance incentive programs, career fairs, and family engagement activities. Through comprehensive, targeted programming, CIS of Seattle empowers students to overcome the challenges they face and succeed in school.