Circumstances and barriers for students vary widely across communities. Our local approach allows us to identify the unique needs in our community and leverage resources to make a difference in the lives of our young people.

Site Coordinators develop a variety of partnerships and resources to provide support at different tiers depending on the type and level of need:

Tier I Supports

Widely available services designed to foster a positive school climate and address schoolwide needs.

Tier II Supports

Targeted services typically provided in a small group setting for students with a shared need.

Tier III Supports

Intensive, individualized services typically provided in a 1:1 setting for students with highly specific needs.

Our Services in Schools

School-based site coordinators empower students to stay in school through individualized access to needed resources, and ongoing encouragement and guidance to build confidence to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

CISS strategically partners with local organizations/businesses to provide program-wide support to our partner schools, students, and families to address an array of needs ranging from food, clothing, housing/utility assistance, technology aid. Click on Program-Wide Supports above to read about a few ways we partner to provide those much-needed supports and resources.
Communities In Schools of Seattle (CISS) has partnered with Seattle Public Schools since 1998 through an evidence-based model that employs a Site Coordinator in each school who assesses individual student and school-wide needs, formulates a plan, and coordinates intensive interventions and wraparound supports for the students most at risk for dropping out. Site Coordinators collaborate with each school administration, teachers, and counseling staff to identify students with the highest need for these services.