Jazmin’s interest in working with students stems from her experience navigating the world and public schools as a 2nd generation Mexican immigrant in southern California. She often felt caught in the middle between cultural demands, combating struggles against government systems, as well as those that come with creating her own identity. Her background cultivated a passion in working with students, advocating for mental health, and addressing systemic barriers through community work for populations that are often overlooked. Jazmin has a little over 7 years of experience working with youth in Seattle, through which her kindergarten dream of becoming an educator has been so enjoyable getting closer to.  

Jazmin holds a B.A. in History and Education from the University of California, Riverside and hopes to one day work on brain and mental health with youth. She enjoys cuddling with her Chihuahua Riri, laughing till it hurts, Zumba and MixxdFit classes, music, all things art, views of the city, and 206 food adventures.