Bini Teklehaimanot, Board Member

Bini Teklehaimanot is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. Bini immigrated to the United States as a high school student at the age of 14 from Ethiopia and faced many challenges as a teenager from another country. His real passion, as a man of color, is to connect with youth of all races, cultures, and backgrounds so they can see their opportunities through his experiences. He encourages kids to look at STEM as an option, even when their environment tells them they are not cut out for it. Bini’s core values include compassion (a huge heart), legacy building, and giving back to the community by passing his blessings into the life of others.  When he’s not glued to his computer screen working, Bini is spending time enjoying life with his wife and three boys, riding his motorcycle (sportbike), and trying hard to throw in an exercise regime.