It Takes a Team

Working Together

Personal experience (and years of research!) tells us that every individual is stronger when they have support from families, friends, and community. Do you remember a moment in your life when your community stood by you, helped you through a hard time?

When you support CIS of Seattle you’re giving our students that sense of community, that feeling of knowing you have someone you can always rely on. Whether you’re giving your time, talent, or treasure, your gift means that kids feel supported – kids who are facing academic challenges, bullying, violence, and other circumstances outside their control.

You’re an important part of our community and so we want to share some great things that have been happening here at CIS of Seattle. At our “Empower. Achieve. Succeed” Breakfast last month generous donors like you gave over $38,500.

Empower. Achieve. Succeed. Breakfast Photo

In our ongoing efforts to improve the support students are receiving, we recently held a board & staff visioning retreat, and in a few months we’ll be sharing our brand new vision statement.

We’ve also recently welcomed a new Program Director into our community – Jill Leahy. She’s brought great energy and a collaborative spirit, and is already planning an upgraded staff training schedule.

The final update is that we’ll be starting at a new school next year – Dearborn Park Elementary. We can’t wait to begin!

Thank you for being an integral part of our community, and making a difference for our students!


GiveBIG falls on May 3rd this year and it is centered around the concept that together we can make an impact. That concept is at the core of our mission – working together as a community to make a difference for students is, quite literally, what we do. Your support means a lot to us – please consider including CIS of Seattle in your GiveBIG donations. Giving is much more convenient now – you can fill out the donation info in advance and it will automatically process on May 3rd! Click here to schedule your donation today!

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